You’ll notice there is no advertising on my blog, or anywhere else on my site for that matter. I plan to keep it that way. To help me in this endeavor, you can support this site directly, by providing cryptocurrency to the following addresses (listed in descending order of preference):

RVN: RQZ5Hxa9ERPw3wnLJkeY88V72Uiv2TtAFd

ETH: 0xEc8C70ce482D37DA92AA758655b9d47f56b66149

BTC: bc1quq9dgddcmvqpla9fhp6m96jzx500qq90ug3luk

BCH: qp0sggwz6z5gldatx0636nmsq4j2vvll0cnr5jls0y

LTC: LZHBLBt79okyrLtZxS48BuNJDCxkoCpneN

Your help is very much appreciated.

I now have my own blog! Careful now, you only have two wishes left.