In case you haven’t been paying attention to my posts on the internet or that new thing in the sidebar, you might not know that I’ve written a new ebook that’s available now, under the nom de plume of Ulric Alvin Watts. What’s more, as of the publication of this blog post it’s on sale at Smashwords.

It’s a short (doesn’t even qualify as a novel) sci-fi mystery aimed at fourth- and fifth-graders, particularly boys. It has the narrative structure of an episode of The Twilight Zone, or maybe Are You Afraid of the Dark? to use a comparative example more targeted to the same audience.

For those in the intended readership demographic who haven’t come to think of reading as a good way to pass the time, Realia might challenge their preconceptions of it, being a brisk read about a mystery that keeps getting weirder and weirder.